Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Have you wanted to find a way to connect all of your social media webpages together? Well good news, a solution has arrived! allows you to do exactly that! What you have to do is go to to set up your very own page. Select a picture you want as a background, select the pages you want linked to your page and there you go! The format on this website is like a blog, which is really nice. You can even make it so that your tag attaches itself at the bottom of all your emails, which is really neat. So if you send an email to somebody, they can click on your tag and see all of your profiles. For my page i selected a picture of a fair because i love spending time outside at carnivals. Luckily each page is able to be customized, so you can pick something that is very dear to you! 
As an added bonus, if you sign up today you can receive a free pack of business cards from MOO.  All you have to do is pay shipping and handling. It's a great deal! Hope to see you on today!

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