Thursday, September 29, 2011

wishing to bzz about the Kindle3

I am a student who loves to read. The problem is when i go to college, my backpack does not have any room for my favorite books because it's overfilled with somewhat boring college textbooks. It bums me out when i have a long break in between classes because there are times i wish i could just whip out a book and start reading. With a Kindle 3, that would be possible again. If i were given the opportunity to Bzz about it, i'd be able to promote the product to all of my friends and classmates. Another situation that really dampens my reading is the fact i don't have the money to be purchasing all the books that i would love to. With the Kindle having books priced cheaper, i'd be able to catch up on my list of "must reads."
Please consider me for the Kindle 3 Campaign- you won't be disappointed!

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